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Drupal Continuous Integration Today

I am very excited to announce that the first version of Drupal Ignite and its website are finally available to the public! The idea behind it dates back one year, when I presented for the first time this set of techniques to the audience of the Drupalcamp Alpe Adria: I can still remember how nervous I was back then! But thanks to the feedback I received from all the wonderful guys I met in Ljubljana, I finally decided to start working on this project: super special thanks go to Bal√°zs Dianiska for spending hours and beers with me after the event talking about how nice would have been to spread these techniques to try to help the Drupal community to dive deeper into Enterprise workflows and the likes.

It took me quite some time to get started and put everything together, from debugging the code to preparing the website and the slides, but finally the first results can be seen at drupalignite.com, where the introductory section has been published, also featuring complementary slides both in English and Italian.

I will keep adding new content over the next few months to cover all the sections you see on the homepage: composer, phing, drush, features, migrate, jenkins, phpunit and behat, so stay tuned to get to learn all about the nuts and bolts that make Drupal Continuous Integration a reality.

I really hope you will find Drupal Ignite useful and of course any feedback and question will be more than welcome, so feel free to contact me on twitter or email.

See you around, maybe at the upcoming Drupalcamp Alpe-Adria in Portoroz!

Tags: drupal, continuous integration, composer, phing, drush, features, migrate, jenkins, phpunit, behat