Dreamboard win8 app

A report from a one-day hackathon

Where it all began

Alba, Piedmont, Italy

The city of Barbaresco, White Truffle...

...and Nutella! :)

A man

Umberto Prunotto, Founder of Dreamboard Inc.

and his journey

Between Reality and Utopia, there a back again
analysis and considerations about the state of need

through dreams

The interwebs to the rescue!


The project got in the works...

...and has been launched in Nov 2012


As of today, it's about to reach its first 50000 users

The tree design challenge

drawing a good-looking tree while also meeting all the
requirementes has been a bit harder than I initially expected

An improved solution

ta-daaa! a brand-new algorithm and a tree configurator!

Hey! That's a good bunch of n3rd stuff!

How hard is it to port
all of that to Windows 8?

There are some security restriction in place
that prevent "classic" DOM manipulation.

Thus, tools like jQuery are not 100% compatible
and cannot be used in those scenarios.

But thanks to the     guys who provided
a custom jQuery build, it is possible to seamleassy port
applications without requiring any change to the code.

The final result

Thank you!




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