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Continuous Integration & Testing. Automation first.

Decades of software development taught us that the stress of testing and deploying a system should not be left as the last items in our todo list. Automating such tasks does help in improving quality and confidence while reducing stress, especially when the project gets close to its deadlines.

Drupal & Symfony. The best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a rock-solid yet extremely flexible CMS in PHP, Drupal is possibly the best solution for you: featuring thousands of modules and an extremely active community, it has already been chosen by goverments and agencies all around the world. On the other hand, if you need a custom-tailored, enterprise-class application, Symfony2 has got the right power-horse under the hood: it's based on the most popular design patterns and has already been chosen by hundreds of projects as foundation for their latest releases, Drupal 8 included.

NoSQL. Because this ain't your father's data.

Facing today's challenges where applications can be hit by millions of users over the night or accounted for gathering and storing big amounts of data is no easy task. Relational databases have always done a smashing job when it came to store and retrieve complex amounts of data in a safe and structured way at the cost of performance, scalability and ease of use. NoSQL systems offer solutions to fill those gaps and help developing applications for an ever growing audience of connected users.


Hi, I'm Claudio and I am an italian PHP/JS developer based in Munich, Germany.


Passionate about computers since the age of six, I wrote my first Qbasic applications on a brand new 486dx2 my father gave me around 1993.
Right before my adolescence I fell in love with Pascal and Delphi, two languages that left their place in my heart to GNU/Linux first and to Web Development after.
Even though I kept focusing on technologies and best practices in the PHP and Javascript worlds, I'm a perpetual wannabe C/C++ and OpenGL developer :)
Also lately I am tinkering a bit with Java and Spring.


I spent my career working in a few states across Europe such as Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany.
At the moment I am living in good old Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria and world-known for the most famous beer festival in the world, the Oktoberfest.
Among many other tools and technologies, I enjoy working with PHP, Symfony2, Drupal, Javascript, Backbone.js, PHPUnit, Qunit, Behat, Jenkins, Phantom.js, Selenium, MongoDB, Redis.


The invisible UX

20-minutes presentation given at the Munich UX Meetup, covering some ideas from a Developer's point of view on how to improve the UX.

Drupal 7 CI & Testing

Presentation given at the Drupal Alpe-Adria event about how we achieved Continuous Integration with Drupal 7 and tested it using PHPUnit and Behat.

Dreamboard Win8 App

5-minutes presentation given at the Intel Ultracode Meetup in Munich about Dreamboard and a little app for Windows 8 I made during a one-day hackathon.

Introducing Symfony 2

Presentation given at the Drupal Dev Days 2012 in Barcelona and at the Drupalcon 2012 in Munich, about basic Symfony2 concepts. It also covers some software good and bad development practices such as STUPID and SOLID.

Drupal and the rise of the Documents

Presentation given at the Drupal Day 2011 in Rome. It is focused on how NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB overcome SQL-ones in given scenarios and shows how Drupal and MongoDB are integrated.

Drupal 7 ninja theming

Presentation given at the Drupal Alpine Camp 2011 in Brixen. It introduced the main features of the Omega 2 theme and presented some improvements of the upcoming Omega 3 theme.

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