Here's a bunch of presentations I've prepared over the years, enjoy!

The Test Smell Before Christmas

Slides of the talk given at the Drupal Community Day 2018 in Turin, about Test Smells in PHP.

Goddd whyyy

Slides of the talk given at the Golang Milan meetup, about bringing Domain-Driven Design in Go.

The invisible UX

20-minutes presentation given at the Munich UX Meetup, covering some ideas from a Developer's point of view on how to improve the UX.

Drupal 7 CI & Testing

Presentation given at the Drupal Alpe-Adria 2013 event about how we achieved Continuous Integration with Drupal 7 and tested it using PHPUnit and Behat.

Dreamboard Win8 App

5-minutes presentation given at the Intel Ultracode Meetup in Munich about Dreamboard and a little app for Windows 8 I made during a one-day hackathon.

Introducing Symfony 2

Presentation given at the Drupal Dev Days 2012 in Barcelona and at the Drupalcon 2012 in Munich, about basic Symfony2 concepts. It also covers some software good and bad development practices such as STUPID and SOLID.

Drupal & the rise of the Documents

Presentation given at the Drupal Day 2011 in Rome. It is focused on how NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB overcome SQL-ones in given scenarios and shows how Drupal and MongoDB are integrated.

Drupal 7 ninja theming

Presentation given at the Drupal Alpine Camp 2011 in Brixen. It introduced the main features of the Omega 2 theme and presented some improvements of the upcoming Omega 3 theme.